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…There was however, sitting to the left of me a person I had never met nor recognized. He knew who I was which always amazes me and we had this little mini-chat.

His name is Bill Liblick. I don't watch daytime TV; never saw a "Soap." But, there are multitudes of talk shows. If I watched these, there would be no question in my mind as to who Bill is.

Actually, many of you would have recognized him immediately. He's been on over 300 talk shows as an audience guest and appears as the judge on Ricki Lake's show. (Remember when I wrote about Lionel a coupla weeks back getting hi own radio show after being a regular "caller"? Well, for sure Liblick's going to eventually have his own talk-TV show because he's been a regular audience member – and – not only do the talk hosts love him, but much more often than not – the audience members applaud his opinions.) Bill is your everyday guy, he looks like "everyman" and thinks like the majority in any given subject. And this is for real. He does not spout points of view that he doesn't believe in just for effect. He actually does have an opinion on everything; and he's not afraid to let the world know it. He has often stolen the spotlight from both guests and the host.

A product of the New York City school system, Bill attended Evander Childs High School and Lehman College. Other than his summers in Sullivan County, he has lived in Co-op City since its inception. After college, Bill became assistant to publisher of a newspaper chain and found himself writing editorials, overseeing sales, editorial and production and hosting a daily radio news show. However, within a few years, the publisher of the newspapers became entwined in illegal dealings and on the job harassment, which led to Bill's resignation.

Unemployed for the first time since he was a teenager, Bill was walking through Rockefeller Center when an NBC page offered him a ticket to the "Faith Daniels Show," where he confronted the Grand Wizard" of the KKK on camera. That was the beginning of a "career" where he has sine made appearances on Sally Jessy Raphael, Joan Rivers, Ricki Lake, Faith Daniels, Rolanda, Jane Whitney, Geraldo, Montel Williams, Richard Bey, Les Brown, Donahue and Tom Snyder. He has been featured in narratives in The Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, New York Magazine, The BBC, CNN, 48 Hours, CBS News, KCAL News, and Chronicle. Bill was also the special guest star in the ABC Sitcom "maybe This Time" with Betty White and Marie Osmond.

Personally Bill's a really nice guy.

Who knows what's in store for Liblick's future; he now has an agent.

His slogan? "Silence is not golden, talk is!!!!"

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