US 209

U.S. Highways in Sullivan County

The only U.S. highway in Sullivan County is US 209, which runs through the southeastern area of the county from the Orange County line to the Ulster County line, passing through Wurtsboro and intersecting with NY 17.

Originally known as the Shawgunk Trail, this road is hundreds of years old.

US 209, in its entirety, goes from Millersburg, PA (Clarks Ferry, PA), to Kingston, NY, a total of 217 miles.
The United States highway system was set up in 1926 by the nation to ease motorists in interstate travel. It numbered cross-country routes in a constant, recognizable scheme. Many of these route numbers were simply thrown together from existing state highways. It is the forerunner of the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System, initiated in 1956. More information about individual U.S. highways can be found at this site.

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