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The main focus of this website: to provide information about Sullivan County's County Road system. Here you will find detailed information about each and every numbered county road. County roads are guaranteed to be improved roads. They are all paved, with lines painted, and with an adequate shoulder. I invite you to travel Sullivan County's highways and byways. The county has some of the most beautiful, historic, and noteable places to visit or just drive by. Come explore the Sullivan County Catskills.

A note about numbering: There are no county roads ending in "0" because the series start at "1". The first numbered road in the 50s series, for example, is 51, not 50. Some series don't finish, i.e., the 70s series ends at 75.

Instead of having all of the data load at once, please select from the pages below. Since Sullivan County's road system is roughly grouped in tens, this method makes much sense. Happy driving!

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40 series 50 series 60 series
70 series 80 series 90 series

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