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He has an opinion on everything ... and he's not afraid to let the world know it. He has attended and spoken up on more than 300 talk shows, often stealing the spotlight from the guests and hosts.

He's a native New Yorker, a born entertainer who believes that it is reality that works in the new millenium. "The plastic personalities are over, people are finally into reality. That's why talk shows and reality based sitcoms are so popular, because people can relate to them."

He's Bill Liblick, and if you've never heard of him, just ask Sally Jessy Raphael, Ricki Lake, Faith Daniels, Rolanda, Jane Whitney, Geraldo or Montel Williams about him. His sometimes good-natured, sometimes intense, sometimes infuriated views on the subjects at hand have earned him a front row seat on their programs.

Bill Liblick is so popular with audiences and producers, the prestigious Wall Street Journal featured Bill on the front page, as did New York Magazine. Dateline NBC, Inside Edition, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, 48 Hours, Joan Rivers, Tom Snyder, Chronicle, CBS News, are among the many television shows which devoted segments to Bill.

The producers of Ricki Lake even moved Bill to center stage as the Judge. Bill delivered outrageous sentences to those he found guilty. The shows proved to be Ricki Lake's highest rated and most entertaining.

Bill starred as himself in the sitcom "Maybe This Time," opposite Marie Osmond and Betty White. He played an "In Your Face" television host, delivering hilarious lines.

A product of the New York City school system, Bill attended elementary schools in Manhattan and the Bronx. An internship at a local newspaper during his senior year of high school led to him enrolling in a special program at Herbert H. Lehman College which afforded him the opportunity to take a dual major, Political Science and Sociology, as well s Journalism and the Media. Active in the Student Government, school newspaper and numerous other organizations, he was named to the National Political Science Honor Society.

After college, Bill became assistant to the Publisher of a chain of weekly newspapers. He found himself writing editorials, overseeing sales, editorial and production. Bill also hosted a daily radio show. He served on the Board of Directors of many cultural, civic and charitable organizations. Bill was also active in many political campaigns. However, within a few years, the publisher of the newspapers became entwined in illegal dealings and on the job harassment, which led to Bill's resignation.

Unemployed for the first time since he was a teenager. Liblick was walking through Rockefeller Center when an NBC page offered him a ticket to the Faith Daniels Show, where he confronted the Grand Wizard of the KKK on camera. He was furious but restrained, and the show was extended for an additional half hour. More than 300 talk shows later, Bill's face, voice and opinions are becoming nationally known ... and admired.

Bill Liblick is real. And he speaks for the real people, with real ideals, values and fears. His outspoken observations and criticisms of talk show guests has made hosts, journalists, producers, acquaintances and strangers alike ask, "Why doesn't he have a television or radio show of his own?"

Good question. A very good question!

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