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"Silence is Not Golden
Talk Is !!!


"Maybe This Time"

Special Guest Star with Betty White and Marie Osmond in ABC sitcom. Played himself as an outrageous talk show host.



Hosted Show:

Hosted a call-in radio show in New Jersey. Show dealt with political and relationship issues.



Print and Broadcasting:

Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC, Inside Edition, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, New York Magazine, BBC, CNN, 48 Hours, CBS News, KCAL News, Chronicle.

Talk Shows

Ricki Lake:

Re-occuring role as the Judge in Ricki's version of the Peoples Court.Continually delivers high ratings. Verdicts and participation throughout the show have never been scripted.

Outspoken Guest:

Memorable appearances on Sally Jessy Raphael,Joan Rivers, Ricki Lake, Faith Daniels, Rolanda, Jane Whitney, Geraldo, Montel Williams, Richard Bey, Les Brown, Jane Pratt, Donahue, Tom Snyder

Employment, Education, Etc.

Assistant to the Publisher:

Wrote editorials, over saw sales, editorial, and production staff for a chain of weekly newspapers in New York. Also reported, and hosted a daily local news radio show. Sat on the board of many cultural, civic, and charitable organizations. Worked on political campaigns. Editor of high school and college newspapers. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology. Member-National Political Science Honor Society.



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