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Dateline NBCBe My Guest." Faith Daniel Interviews Bill. He's Loud, he's proud, he's all talk all the time. "Labels Bill, The Mouth That Roars," Bill discusses how he is the first person to go to a talk show school. Tells story of past career, and how he started going to talk shows. Ricki Lake and Montel Williams are interviewed about Bill. Various clips are played, including first appearance and judge show. Bill discusses the type of talk show he would host. "It would be a mixture of the journalistic skills of Faith Daniels, the sympathy and compassion of Sally Jessy Raphael, and the outrageousness of Joan Rivers." "Talk Show Terror" segment introduces Bill as the "wildest most outrageous person on television. "Bill discusses how he speaks from the heart and that he is not plastic. Industry producer Stuart Krasnow calls Bill, "A producer's dream." Segment takes viewers to Rolanda show where Bill moves from audience member to guest. Rolanda on Bill, "He's got guts.

Segment claims that Bill Liblick gives talk show hosts something to talk about. Says that "talk show hosts come and go, but one voice remains constant, Bill Liblick." The segment tells how Bill is a former journalist who dreams of hosting his own talk show. Sally Jessy Raphael and Montel Williams are interviewed. Sally to Bill, "When he gets up he speaks with tremendous force and conviction. He adds a lot." Taped and live interview with Bill. Goes to Bill with Rolonda show, and then interviews Bill live in studio. Shows how Bill gets celebrity treatment from audience members and producers. "Everyone knows Bill, once you have seen him, it is hard to forget him." Segment shows clips of Bill, and in live interview, he discusses dream to host a talk show, and how he would be different.
Segment featuring talk who audiences, labels Bill Liblick their "KING." The show interviews and profiles Bill. They highlighted his desire to host his own talk show. Program also features New York Magazine article.

Discusses Bill's Fame, and how he has become a big part of TV talk shows. Discusses his desire to host his own show, and how he offers an alternative to shows already on the air. Sally Jessy Raphael is interviewed.
Show featured people who achieved fame the unusual way. Bill Liblick was called "one of our favorite people" by host Sally Jessy Raphael." In her tribute to Bill, Sally showed clips, discussed how he got started in talk shows, and spoke about the guest shot he did on the sitcom, "Maybe This Time." Bill told the story about how he yelled at Marie Osmond during rehearsal and "she looked frightened, I said Marie, 'it's in the script', she said, 'I know Billy, I'm acting. I forgot we were doing a sitcom.'" "Live from Queens" featuring Bill Liblick and Leeza Gibbons as guests. Show highlighted Bill's talk show fame. Bill told host Sissy Bickers that, "it was a good thing the show was produced out of Queens and not Intercourse, Pennsylvania, otherwise everyone would be watching Intercourse every day."
Bill goes head to head with Joan in what turns into a hilarious interview. Joan discusses how Bill steals the spotlight from the stars. He says that it is time people get advice from real people: "I am tired of these doctors and authorities who read other people's books, and then tell you how to live your life." He handed Joan a ticket from her first talk show, "That Show." She said, "I need two," referring to her chest to use them as pasties. He discusses current talk show hosts and ratings: "You know when it's ratings, they run shows like, the husband and wife are married, the husband has a sex change, and they become lesbian lovers." Bill tells Joan that his talk show would be a mix of Sally and her. "I would have the sympathy and compassion of Sally, the outrageousness of Joan Rivers, and I would be the one with the balls." Live news interview with Anchors and Bill. "Every time you turn on the TV, there he is." Bill tells story of how he started going to talk shows. Discusses how talk shows help people. Claims that he wants to be he first talk show host to come from the audience, and that he is real -- not plastic. He is a fighter for people's rights." Tired of ultra-conservatives who act as if they are speaking for God, and tired of liberals who do and say what is politically correct." Anchors congratulate Bill and say, "public will be seeing a lot more of Bill Liblick."

Guest Sally Jessy Raphael and Rosie discuss Bill Liblick and how he has become famous on talk shows. Rosie told Sally how she ran into Bill on the street and recognized him. Rosie showed clips of Bill, and Sally discussed his talk show appearances, sitcoms, and added, "he's a big deal now." Rosie mentioned how he was also the judge on the Ricki Lake Show. She added, "He crackes me up that guy."

The country's only locally produced nightly newsmagazine, Chronicle featured Bill and his desire to host a talk show. The highly rated Boston show, interviewed Bill, showed clips from past shows, and highlighted newspaper features on Bill. During the hysterical portion of the interview, Bill opened his kitchen window and shouted, "I am mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" Several segments featuring dishing out advice on Jane Whitney and Sally Jessy Raphael. Industry producer Burt Dubrow applaud's Bill's comments. "What's usually good for Burt is usually good for the ratings." A guest on the newsmagazine tells how Bill's comments changed her life." I now know that I was right, and the audience proved that to me."
Talk show veteran Tom Snyder interviews Bill and his walk to fame. The interview featured clips of Bill, and discussions on talk television. Bill has ben a frequent highlight on cable's TalkSoup. In fact, former host Greg Kinnear said,"Let's get that guy his own talk show."


So, what are we waiting for?
Let's get him his own talk show!


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