A Segment With

Bill Liblick

Bill Liblick would be the perfect person to do a segment on your show. He could go across the country and settle disputes between people, or visit and report on unusual events.

Daytime audiences can relate to Bill Liblick. He is known to daytime television viewers from his over 300 talk show appearances, as well as his role as the Judge on Ricki Lake, and his guest shot on the sitcom "Myabe This Time."

We are certain Bill Liblick will deliver for your show. Daytime audiences are lookinf for something different, and Bill Liblick is certainly different. His outspoken views have earned him the title "Spokesman of the People." He is known for defending the underdog.

Audiences can relate to Bill Liblick, because he is one of them. Bill Liblick is outrageous, unpredictable, and likeable. Although he can be opinionated, he is open minded. Bill Liblick will deliver and exciting segment for you. A journalist and political activist, Bill Liblick is a perfect fit for daytime television.

Featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, and every major television news program, Bill Liblick will bring wide publicity, as all eyes will be looking to see what Bill could do. And, that may be a pleasant surprise.

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