Daytime America

Created by
Bill Liblick and Rich Lyons

If ever there was a character ideal for a sitcom it's Bill Liblick. Bill is known throughout the country for his outrageous remarks on more than 300 television talk shows. Having been featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and profiled on segments of Dateline NBC, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, and many other major magazine shows, Bill has become "The Voice of the People." Known by millions as the Judge on Ricki Lake, and for his guest appearance on the ABC sitcom "Maybe This Time" starring Marie Osmond and Betty White, where he played himself as a talk show host, Bill has been called a producers dream.

Take Bill and add the elements of "Seinfeld," "Made About You," "Married With Children," and mix in the absurdity of daytime talk shows and outrageous new characters and you have "DAYTIME AMERICA" - A wild new sitcom.

In the show, Bill plays Billy Levine, host of the "Billy Show." He's a former journalist who found his niche in the daytime talk show genre. His "in-your-face" remarks have turned him into a spokesman of the people - as he lashes out at the bad guy and protects the underdog. Yet he's not happy with the sleazy topics the network forces him to cover. Billy would love to use his show as a forum for "real" issues, but the network insists that he keep the content low so that the ratings remain high.

The show takes place in three basic sets: The studio of The Billy Show, the production offices of The Billy Show and Billy's apartment.

The other characters featured are:

© Copyright 1998 Bill Liblick and Rich Lyons


The Billy Show

Billy's Court

A Segment with Bill Liblick

In Your Face

Talk Radio

Sitcom: One in a Million