Billy's Court


Bill Liblick
Scott Satin

"The People's Court" meets "Oprah" is the only way to describe "Billy's Court". Bill Liblick is the talk show host of the 90's and this is his vehicle.There is a reason why Bill has been featured on Dateline NBC, Inside Edition, Extra, Good Morning America, Chronicle, CNN, BBC, CBS, 48 Hours, Tom Snyder, Joan Rivers, Talk Soup, Entertainment Tonight, KCAL, and written up in The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, and other publications and broadcast media. Bill Liblick is themost unique talent to come on the scene in years and "Billy's Court" is the perfect showcase to prove it.

The first question we ask when we flip on today's daytime talk shows is, "Where in the world do these people come from?" A man enjoys dressing up like a woman and his wife's had just about enough. A daughter's having an affair with her stepfather. Two roomates are stealing each other's boyfriends. A husband finds out his wife is secretly addicted to stripping in nightclubs. Okay, all together now, "Where do these people come from?"

In the first segment of "Billys Court", we're gonna find out. Other talk shows let us hear about people's problems - we're going to tape them and show them. Television is a visual medium and it's about time a talk show took advantage of it. We're going to go to the place of the conflict and watch it unfold right on our t.v. sets. Whether it's in a person's home or his workplace or in a stripclub, Bill and our camera crew will be there to record it.

In the next segment of "Billy's Court", we'll bring out the people we saw on the tape and now let them tell their stories live. Judge Billy and our studio audience of "Lawyers" will question the panel and find out all the juicy details. We'll hear both sides and get a good understanding of the problem at hand. If warranted, we might even go back to the videotape for an instant replay or two, only our "John Madden" will be Judg Bill Liblick.

The last segment of the program will consist of Judge Billyl's verdit and sentence. Our guests will have agreed going in to abide by his rulings, no matter how outrageous they might be. The fuse will have already been lit and the bomb we've all grown to know and love, will now go off. Judge Billy will get in anyone's face if he feels they deserve it and trust me, someone's gonna deserve it. His verdicts and sentences will be given out with the flair America has already come to appreciate. When he gave out his verdicts on "The Ricki Lake Show's Relationship Court", it was her highest rated show to date. Judge Billy's verdicts will be light and fun but always poignant and well thought out. The best examples I can give are the verdicts rendered by Judge Bill on "The Ricki Lake Show". Watch the tape and get readu to laugh out loud. Their audience ate it up and believe me, so will ours.

"Billy's Court" is the common man's court of law and you don't need to be a lawyer to participate. It will be fun, unpredictable and unlike anything else we'ver seen before. This program is reality talk at it's best. Where else could you possibly have a host who not only takes a side, but is allowed at the end, to render a verdict as well?

© Copyright 1998 Bill Liblick and Scott Satin


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