One in a Million

Created by
Bill Liblick, Amy Engelberg, and Wendy Engelberg

He's "Broadway Danny Rose" and Sid Milton rolled into one. He's got old-time show-biz in his blood and day-old rolls from his favorite deli in his bag. He's a 37-year-old man trapped in an old woman's body. He's Billy Milton -- owner of Worldwide International Talent, an agency founded by his late father Jerry -- talent manager to the middle acts of yesterday and the has-beens of tomorrow.

"ONE IN A MILLION" takes place in the world of this showbiz entrepreneur. From his cramped office to The Edison, his favorite deli where he takes his meetings, to the venues where his acts perform, this sitcom revolves around this man and the ensemble of odd characters with whom he comes into contact.

Billy Milton is carrying on the show business tradition given to him by his father. On his death bed, Jerry Milton had one last request for his son -- "take care of my clients". Thankfully, there were only two left: Bunny, a 70-year old stripper ("To hell with pasties. I need a harness or they'll scrape the floor!"); and Slappy Green, an old-time black comic whose jokes have yet to enter the age of political correctness. Despite the fact that both Bunny and Slappy are washed up, Billy Will kill himself to get them work and keep them happy. Bunny also helps Billy run the office -- she can't answer phones, she screws up the books, but at least it's some place for her to go.

Along with Bunny and Slappy, Billy's roster ranges from The Dueling Accordionists to what Billy thinks is the next Lenny Bruce. Whether he "gets" the act or not, Billy will handle anyone as long as he smells potential. Read: dollars.

Billy's got advice for everyone and he doles it out without restraint. But his underlying message to all is clear: believe in yourself and give love to everyone.

And a rich assortment of acts: A Sister Act, a female impersonator, a poodle act, an angry young comic, the dueling accordionists.


BILLY MILTON -- Smart guy in a not-so-smart suit. Outgoing, outspoken, out-to-lunch, literally. Billy is often found hanging out, doing deals, and annoying the waiters in the deli downstairs from his office. Billy will do anything for his show business acts -- lend them money, bail them out, go to bat for them in a pinch. People love him and tolerate him at the same time. He's overly generous and frugal to a fault -- he'll never pay for Sweet 'n Low. Everybody has a Billy story.

BUNNY VELOUR -- One of his father's last remaining clients, she's an old stripper who's seen and done it all. Bunny's career was washed up years ago, yet she still retains the hope that she'll be working soon; Billy does nothing to dissuade her of this belief -- he'll even book her into a non-paying job and then pay her out of his own pocket. Bunny is Billy's office manager, though secretarial skills have never been her forte.

SLAPPY GREEN -- Another of his father's last clients, Slappy is an old-time black comic. He's still funny, if a little dated -- and a little dirty. Slappy's moderate amount of fame came at a time when blacks were segregated and Billy's father always fought for Slappy's right to tell jokes. Slappy still works. Slappy and Billy have a mutual respect for each other.

MATTHEW BRENNER -- Billy's part-time 20-year-old assistant. Matthew is a student at NYU, who gets credit instead of cash for his time. For Billy, this is like getting triple coupons at the Shop Rite. Matthew dreams of working in the William Morris mailroom on his way to becoming a superagent. But in fact, he worships Billy and soaks up all the advice Billy gives him.

LENNY BISHOP -- Owner of The Edison, the deli where Billy Hangs out. Lenny knew Billy's father well, and Lenny and Billy are continuing this love-hate relationship. Billy loves hanging out at the deli, but hates the food. Lenny hates Billy, but loves the business he brings him. Everyone at the deli is up to Billy's tricks for getting something for nothing.

NILDA SANTANA -- Billy's favorite waitress at The Edison, she idolizes Rosie Perez. She's 25 and is raising a kid on her own. She works hard and is trying to make something of herself. Billy and Nilda butt heads but love each other.

© Copyright 1994-1998 Bill Liblick, Amy Engelberg, Wendy Engelberg


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