Lt. J.G. Brender Highway, Ferndale, N.Y.
Lt. J.G. Brender Highway, Ferndale, N.Y., looking North

Sullivan County Roads

By Scott M. Eckers

* Updated 22 Mar 99 *

Welcome to the Sullivan County Roads website, where you can learn all about the transportation backbone of Sullivan County, N.Y., in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. The most commonly traveled roads in the county are state highways and the county-maintained highways. County Roads go from #11 to #183B, and are roughly grouped in series of ten. The county does an excellent job of maintaining these highways, but in turn, does a poor job of displaying road names. This site explores, in depth, the county road system of Sullivan County, along with its state and U.S. highways.

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Sullivan County does not currently have any Interstate highways running through it, although N.Y. Route 17 is on its way to becoming designated Interstate 86. To read more about this, click here.

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