Links to other highway websites concerning New York

J.P. Wing's Site - Includes information about U.S. and Interstate highways in New York, plus I-86 information and signing mistakes.

Doug Kelly's Site - Comprehensive information about the New York State Highway System. An excellent resource.

Steve Anderson's Site - An excellent comprehensive source for any information about New York City/Long Island area roads. Every road imaginable: built, proposed, etc., with historical backgrounds and more. A must see!

New York State Department of Transportation - Find out what those little green signs on the side of the highway mean!

Andy's Highway Kick-Off Page - Has links to every road site out there, no matter where it is. You could spend hours here if you were that bored!

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Sullivan County does not currently have any Interstate highways running through it, although N.Y. Route 17 is on its way to becoming designated Interstate 86. To read more about this, click here.

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